Did you know? Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy is a highly effective anti-aging treatment?

Neurofeedback Therapy / Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019
The fountain of youth?

In today’s article, I’m excited to share the great news about Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMFT), and how it works as an anti-aging method. The reason being is that Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is a highly useful tool to complement cellular health. The truth is, if our cells aren’t healthy, then neither are we! We are all meant to grow old, but we should be able to do it gracefully, right? How well you age depends on several factors like diet,  dwindling fitness, and limited recovery from cellular damage, and this all begins at the cellular level. With aging, we find cumulative, unrepaired, and inadequately restored cellular damage throughout our bodies. Pulsed electromagnetic fields are useful for making improvements to our entire body’s performance and also decreasing the consequences of cellular damage. At precise intensities, low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields pass through the entire body, influencing each & every cell.  It’s pretty amazing. I

A study by NASA has proven that PEMF Therapy epigenetic (relating to or arising from non-genetic influences on gene expressions) changes in matured cells and made them revert to developmental stages in less than a month! Another study, conducted in 2002 by Goodwin for NASA, found that this beneficial electromagnetic field, when used therapeutically, provided neural tissue regeneration, unlike anything we have ever seen before. And since 2002 many more studies have been conducted & applauded. So it’s why we can confidently say that PEMF therapy is a helpful tool to prevent premature aging. 

The proven positive results of PEMF therapy impact all facets of our elderly cellular damage, particularly early on in the damage stage. It’s obvious, the earlier we start protecting, the better the longevity benefits become.   Cells that are damaged will respond amazingly to PEMF therapy, and PEMF therapy won’t cause any damage to healthy cells. There’s also a lot of talk about mitochondria, the battery packs of our cells. How many mitochondria we have and how strong they are affect everything we do — from performing better to living longer. There are ways to boost our mitochondria through diet & lifestyle. But what if we could charge up our mitochondria directly? Kind of like, when we charge our smartphones? Fascinatingly enough, PEMF therapy comes pretty darn close. All by transferring energy, PEMF has been used to improve several biological youthful functions, especially in regards to our integral & vital mitochondria!

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