Did you know that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) can help people who have Glaucoma?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Neurofeedback Therapy, Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy / Saturday, July 6th, 2019

Did you know that glaucoma, which tends to be inherited, is one of the principal causes of blindness in the United States? According to Everyday Health and the American Academy of Ophthalmologists, it’s estimated that 60 million people around the world suffer from Glaucoma. In fact, celebrities such as Bono, Whoopi Goldberg, Ray Charles, and the late Kirby Puckett suffer/suffered from the disease.

Glaucoma occurs when optic nerve deteriorates, leading to high fluid pressure on the front part of the eye. This increased pressure inside the eye can lead to progressive vision loss originating in the periphery and resulting in tunnel vision. The consequences of glaucoma can damage the optic nerve, which can ultimately cause blindness. Surprisingly, most people with this condition don’t experience any symptoms or pain.

There are two kinds of glaucoma; the most common is open angel glaucoma. This type occurs when fluid doesn’t flow out of the drain structure like it usually should. The least common is called angel closure glaucoma. This type occurs when the drain space between your iris and cornea becomes too narrow, preventing proper eye drainage, causing a buildup of pressure in your eye.

Research has proven that Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is an effective treatment for those diagnosed with glaucoma. This method of treatment improves visual sharpness and reduces the risk of blindness produced by a lack of oxygen. The increased air pressure in the chamber allows the lungs to take in a significant amount of pure oxygen, drastically raising the amount of oxygen in the patient’s bloodstream. Therefore retinal blood flow and circulation will increase, helping to prevent additional optical nerve damage and kick start nerve regeneration, decrease retinal swelling, restore regular blood supply, and reduce intraocular pressure.

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