Do you suffer from hay fever? If so, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a safe and effective way to treat it.

Neurofeedback Therapy

People can suffer from hay fever (allergic rhinitis) all year round which can be debilitating. This particular allergy, which is often inherited, is defined by it’s extraordinary response to pollen grains and other substances. There are two varieties of hay fever: seasonal which occurs when plants pollinate during a particular time of the year and […]

November 19, 2018

How Neurofeedback Therapy can help people who have Attention Deficit Disorder.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Neurofeedback Therapy

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, also known as ADD/ADHD, is a common childhood behavioral disorder, which interferes with functioning and development. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is estimated that as many as 11 percent of children in the United States have been diagnosed with this disorder. According to the National Institute […]

December 6, 2017